Creating a theme around the key message is the focal point where we build the concept and deliver

you the final experience in the most consistent way.

The base of an event lies under theming and styling and

as the best experience provider in Sri Lanka.

we provide you the most outstanding service beyond mere satisfaction.

Great event styling opens up incredible possibilities.


We style the whole event from the beginning around one key message which you intend to deliver. We decide and create what your client see, hear and feel from the entrance till the exit.

We create bespoke theme for you which has never been sensed by your audience before. Planning from the beginning is the key to success. We have experts and they will sit with you and plan your theme to open up incredible possibilities.



How we Plan your theme & Style?


Event theming and styling mark a huge impact on your key message delivery of the event. It gives uniqueness to your event and create a mesmerizing surrounding.

We blend technology and our creativity together with your expectations and thoughts. Continuous meet ups, deep discussions, strong relationships will make it easy to develop the most suitable style and theme for your event.

Whether your event is an academic event or a corporate event, from concept to the completion, our experts   ensure the exclusivity from event to event as our aim is to provide you with a new refreshing experience.